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VIP - The Mobile Bar Learning Room - TMBLR

VIP Unlimited Membership

  • FB Private VIP Group Page 

  • All 8 courses: Branding/Target Market, Sales, Website Design, SEO, Marketing, Pricing, Contracts and Agreements, and Strategic Planning. 

    • Includes 2- 2.5 hour Zoom courses(24-hour playback/watch), supporting documents, and PowerPoint you can download and keep.​

  • Resource Page.  materials, content, and documents essential and useful for starting and growing your company.

  • The Leaders Lab Videos: 10-minute - 1-hour videos offering valuable content regarding business information to fill in the gaps and run your business.

  • Beverage Calculator,  Click on it whenever you have a party needing help estimating your guests' beverage orders.


A One-year monthly payment commitment is required. Once you have completed a year of the VIP Membership - you can cancel at any time or stay on as a member.

TMBLR Single Courses 

  Course Costs $300 - for non-members

Agreements/Quotes/Contracts - on sale now- $99

  1. Branding/Target Market           

  2. Pricing and Packaging                                       

  3. Marketing

  4. Agreements/Quotes/Contracts 

  5. Powerful and Proven Sales Strategies

  6. Strategic Planning 

  7. Wix Website Design 

  8. SEO - Search Engine Optimization 

  9. Weekly LeadersLab Live weekly meetings with Carolyn- Open forum for asking questions live.

    • Mondays at 7:30 PM EST.​​

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VIP Unlimited Membership



Every month

1 Year Commitment

Valid for 12 months

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Best Value

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Agreements/Quotes/Contracts. Includes a one one one call with Carolyn. Costs include tax

Valid for one month

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